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Views of Albaicín from the Alcazaba, Granada.

20 Things to Do in Granada | SPAIN

Granada is a gorgeous city located in the heart of Andalusia, Spain. Due to its cobbled narrow streets full of history and its close proximity to many outdoor activities, Granada is one of the ideal bases for a Spanish adventure. Here are our favourite things to do in Granada…

10 Things to Do in Brighton | ENGLAND

For over 200 years, Brighton has been one of England’s most beautiful and attractive cities… This gorgeous city has become known worldwide for its specialty shops, seaside charms, striking architecture, colourful arcades, buzzing gay scene, lively arts, sidewalks, and independent cafes. The list goes on! Next time you’re visiting the UK, take a trip to this culturally vibrant city and we guarantee you will be mesmerised by its character. So, without further ado, here are our best places to visit in Brighton!

Roskilde Denmark

5 Things to do in Roskilde | DENMARK

If you find yourself in Copenhagen and you have a few spare days to explore the surrounding areas, a trip to the lovely harbour city of Roskilde is well worth your time! Here’s our backpacker guide to the city…


14 Things to Do in Amsterdam | HOLLAND

Capital of the Netherlands, Amsterdam is a cobbled city linked by canals, bridges, and cute cafes. Find out our favourite things to do in Amsterdam…

10 Free Things To Do in Barcelona | SPAIN

The city which seemingly has everything. Perched on the Mediterranean coast, with a beautiful climate, great cafe culture, amazing food, music festivals, gorgeous architecture, art galleries, museums, interesting Catalan culture and a stunning national park that you can get to on the metro! It’s no wonder this is everybody’s favourite city. Here are our top 10 things to do in Barcelona..

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