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The Story of Europe Backpacker...

“In 2020, the world stopped travelling. As creators of Southeast Asia Backpacker and South America Backpacker, we were forced to find the backpacker spirit in places closer to home. This website is full of inspiration to help you find adventure on your own doorstep! There’s no need to book a flight, just open your front door and do some back yard backpacking today!” – Nikki & Dave

From the creators of: South East Asia Backpacker & South America Backpacker.

Write for us!

We’re looking for adventurous souls to write articles and travel guides to places that they have recently visited in Europe. You don’t have to have hiked Mont Blanc (though if you have, we’d love to hear about it!). This website is a compilation of articles by creative writers who find the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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