Sunrise at Trocadero, Paris

13 Free Things To Do in Paris, France

Paris one of of the most visited cities on the planet. Sadly for budget travellers, it’s also one of the most expensive. These free things to do in Paris…

Scotland’s Best Drinks: Slainte!

Scotland’s Best Drinks – Slainte (Cheers)!

When most of us think of Scottish drinks, it is whisky which springs to mind. However, Scotland offers its fair share of delectable tipples, including Irn Bru (a fizzy drink with the flavour of bubblegum) and gin!

Group of hikers

Ultralight Backpacking Tips For Beginners

“Be prepared.” It’s the well-known scout motto. If you’re packing for your first ever backpacking trip you may be tempted to be prepared for all occasions, filling your backpack-pockets with matches, first aid kits, 20 sets of underwear… But when you hit the road (or the trail), you will soon get fed up of lugging that over-stuffed backpack around! There are many ways to save space and weight in your luggage, by being clever and resourceful. Why break your back carrying the kitchen sink around?

A Weekend in Scotland's Bonny Capital: Edinburgh

Three Bonny Edinburgh Itineraries – 1 to 3 Days in the Scottish Capital

Edinburgh’s bonny capital is full of charm. From the extinct volcano of Holyrood Park to the cannons at Edinburgh Castle and the many busking bagpipers, it’s the perfect destination for a city break with a difference. So how should you spend your weekend in the city? Tick tock, the clock is ticking…

Travel Europe on the Cheap – 30 Budget Travel Tips!

Taking a trip to a luxury European destination like Antibes, the Alps or Greek Isles is always a good idea, right? Too bad your wallet doesn’t always agree (especially in January!). Worry not – 2018 can still be your year of great travel, because we’ve got practical tips to help you experience Europe’s luxury destinations, even on a backpacker’s budget.

Trolltunga, Norway

Hiking to Trolltunga Rock, Norway

Trolltunga is one of the world’s most photographed rocks and frequented hikes and for good reason. There is no denying that the rock is impressive with views to jaw drop and silence even the most vocal hikers. Europe Backpacker ambassador Rachel Pope dons her walking boots and takes to the trail…


Zürich, The Most Expensive City in Europe – 10 Reasons to Visit Anyway!

Fondue, chocolate and a renowned financial banking district. Those are main things that come to mind when foreigners think of Switzerland and it’s largest city, Zürich. It’s not often a top travel destination like so many other places in Europe and rarely mentioned in the backpacking circuit… but here are 10 reasons why Zürich should make your travel list from adventurer and author, John Early.

Urbex – Exploring Abandoned Buildings in Porto, Portugal

We stand on the decaying balcony, our feet perched carefully on two beams of wood, staring out over the historic city of Porto, Portugal. Broken bits of furniture, old mattresses and god knows what else lies on the floor around us…

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