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Girls enjoying festival

17 Epic European Music Festivals

Summer is the perfect time to enjoy some of the music festivals in Europe. Tick a new city off your travel bucket list and see some of the best live bands in a celebration of excess, banging tunes and unforgettable experiences!

21 Incredible Movies Set in Europe

21 Incredible Movies Set in Europe

Planning a trip but not sure where to go? These movies set in Europe are guaranteed to bump this continent to the top of your bucket list!

Urbex – Exploring Abandoned Buildings in Porto, Portugal

We stand on the decaying balcony, our feet perched carefully on two beams of wood, staring out over the historic city of Porto, Portugal. Broken bits of furniture, old mattresses and god knows what else lies on the floor around us…

The Oslo Pass – Exploring Norway’s Capital in 24 Hours

Oslo is a historical mecca with remnants of Norwegian culture at every street corner. It can be overwhelming trying to see it all particularly if you have only a brief affair with this rich and happening city. We decided to tackle the city in just 24 hours using the Oslo Pass. Prepare to put on your running shoes for an active day of exploring Oslo…

Castle Romania

There’s More to Romania than Count Dracula’s Castle!

Whenever someone mentions Romania, we’re pretty sure that you will start thinking about Bram Stoker’s tale of Count Dracula, an immortal blood sucking warlord who instilled fear in the hearts of the Transylvanians. Surprisingly, The Dracula’s Castle is one of the top attractions in the country but that isn’t all that Romania has to offer!

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