Sweden in a Nut Shell

  • Eat! – Lingonberry jam. With absolutely everything! It’s the Swedish version of ketchup.
  • Drink! – Anything non-alcoholic! Alcohol is extremely expensive in Sweden so it’s better to spend your money on other things… Princess Cakes perhaps!
  • Wear! – A raincoat. You can be sure to expect some rain when you’re visiting Sweden.
  • Beware! – The prices. Sweden is an expensive country so be careful not to blow your budget. Avoid alcohol, try camping, and eat from the outdoor street vendors to keep your budget in line.

Introduction to Sweden…

Despite being one of Europe’s most expensive countries, there are plenty of good reasons to visit Sweden. Firstly, the landscape. Full of rolling hills, ancient forests and mirrored lakes – it’s perfect for exploring, camping, getting back to nature and taking ‘Swedish baths’ (otherwise known as skinny dipping!). You can even see the Northern Lights here, now that’s pure magic. And if all that fails to entice you, then need we say more than… CINNAMON BUNS!

Sweden Basics:

  • Currency: Swedish krona
  • Capital City: Stockholm
  • Main Religion: Christianity
  • Main Language: Swedish
  • Telephone Code: +46
  • Time: GMT+2
  • Emergency Numbers: 112

Swedish Language Essentials:

  • Hello: Hallå
  • Thank you: Tack
  • How are you? Hur mår du?
  • Can I have the bill please?  Kan jag få notan tack?
  • Please: Vänligen
  • How much? Hur mycket?
  • Good bye: Adjö

Sweden Visa Information:

Most tourists will not need a Visa to visit Sweden (for up to 90 days at a time). Check your Visa eligibility and requirements here. 


Thanks to the Gulf Stream, Sweden is quite mild for a country that’s so far north. The winters are cold and crisp (but don’t last long), while the summer days are fairly warm with generous hours of daylight.

5 Random Facts About Sweden:

  1. On average, 1,836,000 meatballs are eaten every single day in IKEA stores across the world!
  2. The three-point seatbelt was invented by Volvo in 1959 – and claims to have saved over one million lives.
  3. The most popular Swedish ice cream flavour is ‘salmiakki’, which translates as salty liquorice.
  4. Sweden’s most popular music act is ABBA, who are the fourth highest selling act in history (behind Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Michael Jackson).
  5. Sweden is home to lots of Santa’s reindeer! There are more than 260,000 of the creatures roaming the country.
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