Hungary in a Nut Shell

  • Eat! – Goulash. A rich stew of beef, potatoes and vegetables, spiced heavily with paprika and other spices. Warming winter goodness. 
  • Drink! – Pálinka. A sweet fruit brandy – usually made from pears, apricot, plum or cherry. Do it like the locals, and sip don’t shot!
  • Wear! – Cover up. Not only for warmth during the cold winter months, but also for sightseeing. There are plenty of spectacular religious sights to be visited, so it’s important to be dressed appropriately. 
  • Beware! – Cabs. Avoid the cabs, they tend to exploit the tourists. So unless you’re feeling flush, the public transport is more than sufficient.

Introduction to Hungary…

The land-locked country of Hungary is a haven for backpackers. World-famous festivals, cheap food, thermal spas, plenty of history and even more culture… what else could you want? While the capital city of Budapest has plenty to keep you busy, it’s worth getting out and about too. Don’t miss the scenery in Hortobagy National Park, a swim in Lake Balaton (Central Europe’s largest lake) and experiencing the art of wine making in one of the country’s many wine regions. Enjoy!

Hungary Basics:

  • Currency: Hungarian forint
  • Capital City: Budapest
  • Main Religion: Christianity
  • Main Language: Hungarian
  • Telephone Code: +36
  • Time: GMT+2
  • Emergency Number: 112 

Hungary Visa Information:

As part of the Schengen area, visitors with a Schengen Visa can travel freely throughout Hungary for up to 90 days. Check your eligibility and Visa requirements here. 


A typical European climate can be found in Europe. Think warm, fairly dry but humid summers, followed by long cold winters. Pack layers!

Hungarian Language Essentials:

  • Hello: Helló
  • Thank you: Köszönöm
  • How are you? Hogy vagy?
  • Can I have the bill please? Fizetni szeretnék?
  • Please: Kérem
  • How much? Mennyi?
  • Good bye: Viszontlátásra

5 Random Facts About Hungary:

  1. The Rubix Cube was born in Hungary, invented by an engineer by the name of Ernő Rubik, of course!
  2. Across the country, there are over 500 sites of thermal water (with a temperature above 30°C). And that means a lot of spas.
  3. Hungarians eat more than 500g of paprika each, every year.
  4. In 2011, Elvis Presley was named an official citizen of Budapest.
  5. Unlike their neighbours, Hungary produces a huge amount of wine – with 22 separate wine regions. The Tokaj region (which produces sweet white wines) is most famous.
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