Croatia in a Nut Shell

  • Eat! – Burek, a layer pastry concoction often filled with meat and/or cheese, but also found with sweet fillings.
  • Drink! – Karlovacko, one of the most popular brands on beer. A perfectly refreshing beverage after a day in the sun.
  • Wear! – Your hair in two plaits tied with red ribbons! A traditional style for the Croatian women. Or alternatively, go for an embroidered waistcoat if your hair isn’t long enough…
  • Beware! – Venturing too far off the beaten track. Two million landmines were laid during the war in the 1990s, and many remain unexploded. If you’re travelling inland or away from the tourist hotspots, watch your step.

Introduction to Croatia

Since joining the European Union in 2013, Croatia has seen a huge rise in tourists visiting it’s stunning coastlines and picturesque terracotta-roofed towns. From world-renowned music festivals, to luxury yacht trips along the turquoise waters and white sandy coves of the Adriatic coastline…

Croatia Basics:

  • Currency: Croatian Kuna
  • Capital City: Zagreb
  • Main Religion: Roman Catholic
  • Main Language: Croatian
  • Telephone Code: +385
  • Time: GMT+2
  • Emergency Numbers: General Emergencies: 112, Police: 192, Fire Brigade: 193, Ambulance: 194

Croatian Language Essentials:

  • Hello: Zdravo
  • Thank you: Hvala ti
  • How are you? Kako si?
  • Can I have the bill please? Mogu li dobiti račun, molim?
  • Please: Molim
  • How much? Koliko?
  • Good bye: Doviđenja

5 Random Facts About Croatia:

  1. Croatia is home to the World’s smallest town, called Hum!
  2. This country is the birthplace of the necktie.
  3. Game of Thrones’ King’s Landing is actually based on the walled seaside fortress of Dubrovnik.
  4. Croatia has a whopping 1244 islands, islets and reefs, and is often called the ‘Country of 1,000 Islands’!
  5. According to film director and producer Alfred Hitchcock, Zadar “has the most beautiful sunset in the world”.
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